Stumblers was recorded in one of Istanbul’s largest public spaces, Taksim. The work aims to plant a crowd display that is impossible to put on in reality in the square, through digital cloning technology. The figure that forms the crowds enters the frame on the double. This robotic and military-like movement becomes human when the figure suddenly stumbles. The figure however, immediately recovers and leaves the frame with the same pace he started with. The continuous orderly rhythm, and the orderly wave created through this rhythm have the potential to be distorted with the stumble. This clumsiness is labeled by the system as absentmindedness and inattentiveness, and is undesirable. However, the stumble is human, and it could also be result of a momentary awareness. If this human error spreads and creates a crowd wave, the system will be altered. What the system is really afraid of is this kind of a wave that would distort its order. Stumblers aims to focus on a mass error as such.

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