Light’s unpredictable movement structure creates a dark point in physics. The wave-particle duality interrupts physics’ precision as this duality ambiguates its borders. In this unstable environment, Sinusoid transforms light in the particle state into wave motion, and makes the unbalanced behavior structure in the micro scale visible. Wave/particle duality in quantum physics suggests that matter and light can concurrently act as waves and particles, depending on the experiment environment and observer. When the effect of the observer is absent, light behaves in its basic waveform as sinusoidal. With the presence of the observer this form disperse into its particles. The shorter the approach distance becomes, the more powerful and neurotic this effect gets. Through this manner communication with light structure is built in the space. Sinusoid enables a method of interaction through light. Light that evolved from particle to wave, then to become particles once again with the effect of the observer, becomes a dynamic of action and reaction through the created sound and motion structure.

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