According to Tesla, universe is a massive vibration, and we are all small reflections of this vibration.

Every unit of matter within our known universe has its own resonance frequency. Due to their nature, a frequency is immobile, hence silent, unless it interacts with another frequency. Resonance, that is formed when two or more frequencies come together, represents the movement within the universe and it has recordable outcomes. These records constitute the universe’s infinite history.

Coincidental incidents we come across in life deliver us to similar emotions, even though we understand them differently in person. When viewed from afar a unit of matter looks like a dot; under the microscope, however, it signals to a fingerprint. To realize how similar we are within this uniqueness, purifies us away from our egos, shortcomings, fears, worries, and searches for perfection; and helps us integrate with other frequencies we come across in “the moment.” In this way, we enable entirely new outcomes with the vibrations we create.

Resonare~ aims to be an interactive performance in which we both remain as the viewer and become involved in this complex/simple structure, where its reflection is simulated by sound and dance.

Camera software: Osman Koç

Choreography: Eftal Dirlik, Alp Çoksoyluer

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