In reality, there is no such thing as void.

The universe consists of our lives, belief and even philosophy, connections, and passages. What we understand as voids are noting but smaller connections and passages. Just the way it is in the quantum bubble…

“Passage” is a quantum space formed through a mathematical physics theory originally known as Minkowski Space. The void we define as a location, the environment we call space or the moment we close our eyes, is in actuality all minor moments and passages. Passage is an installation that aims to create a new way of experiencing the space we understand as “void” by employing this model of physics.

The space known as “Quantum Bubble”, which can be experienced on the quantum scale, consists of particles and waves above the matter. Shaped by gravitational waves, the bubble was conceptualized by John Weeler in 1955, and the theory was proven to be correct in 2012 through several experiments.

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