Interaction and affectivity are the building blocks of the relationships we establish with objects and/or mediums. Structuring an interaction based on a data that belongs to the user, but not controlled by them would not only increase the possibility on unexpected results due to an initiative-less interaction, but it will also enable the system to be affected by different emotional fluctuations that the user experiences during the process. Hyperpresence is grounded on the “suspension of disbelief” of the cinema viewer. This state of the viewer allows the viewer’s brain waves to affect the trajectory of the film. This way the viewer can also become the user. The way in which the image’s affect on the viewer alters the course of the scenario creates a new dimension to the viewer/user-film relationship, and it presents a personal experience.

Concept: Fethi Can Tüzel & Osman Koç
Hardware & Software: Osman Koç
Producer: Elif Demirci (nerdworking)
Director: Ali Demirel (Dirty Cheap Creative)
Director of Photography: Dinçer Oruçoğlu (Dirty Cheap Creative)

Documentation: Cansu Turan
Graphic Design: Burak Birinci

Collabration with NERDWORKING & Dirty Cheap Creative & !f Istanbul & Dükkan-ül Hayal & Salt Beyoğlu

Special thanks to Beyazıt Özpeynirci, Gamze Baykal, Burak Birinci, Rüya Ögü

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