In the last 10 years I have been using field recordings as primary material in computer instrument design, improvisation performances, solo conceptual sound performances, as well as in my sound design and music work for visual and performing arts. Recently, I have taken my work with field recordings one step further and started studying and documenting the content of these recordings for various projects; one of these projects was shown at the 13th Istanbul Biennial. Findings takes this work yet further. I present spectral analyses of field recordings made in cities I have lived and visited, and turn these into spectrograms, which are graphical analyses of sound in terms of frequency, sound level and time that are obtained by dissecting sound into sine waves, its building block. These spectrograms, which I also see as sonic photographs, will function as visual analyses of the auditory texture of urban and suburban locations they originated from. Moreover, I will be noting my findings on these analyses like a documentarist maker or a doctor in a notebook. This notebook with be a collection of prints as the visual description of sound of these cities or, or in other words their sound traces, and my notes will be “symptoms” I will find in these traces. I will, however, refrain from arriving at conclusions or diagnoses.

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