Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern lights, is the natural luminescence caused by electron and proton charged particles’ interaction with the world’s magnetic wave. Auroras are most likely to be seen closer to Earth’s poles where darkness presides for long durations and the magnetic field is denser. In medieval Europe Auroras were believed to be a sign from God. Alaskan beliefs thoughts of the lights as the souls of the animals they hunted. Aboriginals believed that the lights were the souls of their people. On March 2013, cosmologists working with gravitational waves suggested that our known universe could instead be a multiverse — a multitude of universe. Influenced by a contemporary investigation’s controversial findings, Aurora installation is about the possibilities of different dimensions when gravity is overcome, and it calls attention to world’s magnetic field. The installation focuses on the mystic states of these natural luminosities that signal to other universes with their extraordinary colors and natures.

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