Can you explain why you chose “Well” as the title of your work? Do you mean this title as the water source, as well as an indicator of fine?

This was nothing but a coincidence.

What is the role of the quantum bubble in your project? If it is assumed to have an effect on the formation of wormholes, how will this be relayed to both your work and the viewers? In other words, how will the viewer infer the concept of the parallel from this experiment?

While it might be hard to interpret, this symbolic wormhole stands as the source of Gravitational Waves that are creating sources of the universe we see from the other side. The viewer experiences a different reality in the parallel universe. They see life forms that fractal from within, that perhaps glow in streaks, that move according to their own anatomies.

Is your work based on the concept of General Relativity or Special Relativity?

My work is based on string theory, rather than relativity. This work structures a symbolic wormhole. What I focus on is not the fact that the wormhole is a bridge between two parallel universes (Einstein-Rosen bridge), but the fact that it is the gravitational wave that creates

the entire matter in the universe and provides the system made of these matters to work. Grand Unified Theory is where Einstein’s relativity principle and quantum physics can work together. Black holes/wormholes are considered to be the gravitational wave sources that enable the solar, galactic, and universal systems to work both on micro and macro scales. In a way, it is the mind that controls the entire body; the source of matter (light) and the information that operates the matter.

Since a moment is never the same in space time, is peristaltic movement and invagination formed influenced by this concept?  

Exactly. This movement is actually used for operation of the entire body (light) and transferal of information.

As a new media artist, what do you think about Quantum Tunneling?

We’ll see with time, but I think there will be many interesting works on this subject in the future, which is quite exciting. It will lead for different realities for art, and even for single art pieces, where art works interacting with and changing according to the interaction will be more of a norm. Or maybe in the future we will see nano-technologic works that change and is perceived differently according to the observer, much like the wave-particle duality. Either way, I think we will be quite entertained.