When viewed from the perspective of a micro-sociological analysis, societal fluctuation helps decipher the language of a politics built upon the possibilities of living in the crisis society. During its short history, political science has created its critical mind through a macro perception based on an exchange of identity and class studies. Placed within the insecurity narratives in which the precariat is visible, today, sociology is no longer a macro project. Here, the precariat is the new counter-subject dynamic of the crisis society with current societal fluctuations and new uprising dynamics. The conceptual and methodic approaches we will utilize for this presentation will aim to investigate the levels and interactions of power relations in the age of biopolitics. Furthermore, within the crisis narratives of social politics, we will try to multiply the question of how to re-ground living possibilities, through focusing on theoretical and artistic accumulations affected by societal fluctuations. Even in its simplest forms, doesn’t fluctuation emerge as the main cause for uprooting the societal; and doesn’t this uprooting of the societal reveal the crisis political science is in?