Your project employs the resonance that strings spread in enclosed spaces of the 5mx5m and 1mx1m scale. Does your project aim to interpret this resonance through the vibration that might create on the human body, or the resonance sound itself that will be created within the space?  

This project aims to focus on the interaction between the human body and the sound, and the experience this interaction brings forward; rather than focusing on the sound, the experience is a more coherent interpretation of the concept. Of course the sound created is vital for the project, but like the spatiality of the project and the movement that will be created, it is only one of the elements that completes the structure. To answer your question however I would say the sound created is a better interpretation of the project rather than the vibrations created on the human body, for these vibrations would be fairly obscure. To create profound vibrations on the human body we would need more powerful sound sources. This is another topic I am interested in: the unhearable and unseeable vibrations’ affects on the human biology. For the project at hand however, I am more interested in the interaction and the hybrid experience that takes place.

Would you say there is a sociological reference in your work?

My project is based on a simple idea, and that is the point of the project. I care for the topic of this project because I am interested in the way in which basic things create complex structures. When you think about it, most things in nature and universe are built upon basic formulas. The systems, concepts, and languages humans created are just a few of these examples. We can, for instance, observe the drip of the drop and the ripples it creates and understand liquid dynamics. Or we can observe the hierarchy within ant colonies and understand

certain situations in human societies. I try to focus on these basic points in my project as well. These basic points interact with a lot of different notions of course, and sociology is one of them. The idea for my project is how an action created lead to reactions, and how these reactions create other actions; I question this action-reaction dynamic and in what structure this situation occurs.

Viewing the project from a sociological perspective, we see that social behavior patterns are cohesive with this structure. For instance, a reaction given to a political situation can create a social movement as individuals spark one another through the interaction. In a philosophical context, this situation also correlates to the way thoughts are formed; an idea emerges, then merges with another idea that creates a new idea, which later merges with another idea and creates a core idea. From the perspective of natural sciences, we can see how a plant sprouts from a single root and then branches out, and how this might be a clue to a structural development of something. These examples show that the concept of project is relatable from many different disciplines. The reason for this is my focus on attempting to capture basic formulas without dwelling on the limits of conceptualizations surrounding them. If we can achieve this, I believe we will be able to reach the truths at the core of the creation.

Would you be interested in sharing the Ardunio codes you have employed in your work with future Ardunio using generations?

There are people I work with about the technicality of the project. I also work with Osman Koç about the interaction. I can only answer your question after discussing it with him; we will have to see if the code is shareable. I believe this will become apparent to us during the process.