What type of waves have you utilized in your experiment when crossing between past, future, and parallel realities? What kind of information did you aim to carry through or transform during your work?

We investigated the mathematics theorem known as the Minkowski space in this project. Put simply, this theorem focuses on the possibility of an alternative reality through abstract thoughts on time and space. Minkowski’s theorem includes the wormhole as a passage. The reason for explaining these wormholes is that, even if people are in separate locations they can still feel and think the same way. As such, the two most crucial pieces of information we try to transform are our visual and auditory perceptions, and our mind’s reflections on the physical reality based on the reality our perceptions create.

What kind of outcomes do you wish to achieve in this “other world” you try to create in your experiment?

We are still in the production phase. We work through combining Alper’s spatial interpretation with my trials on time and movement. I do believe the fact that ‘artificial intelligence’ device being the most important part of this experiment supports the reasoning I’ve already mentioned. The parallel journey that this apparatus within the new media art holds with technologic mobility turns the project into a series of experiences rather than an end-result to be achieved.

How would you give a scientific explanation of your work to someone who has never heard of terms like quantum physics, relativity rule, Minkowski space, and soap bubble?  

We can explain it as an experiment in which the entrapping feeling daily time and space creates is questioned.

As oppose to working with other approaches of art, what kind of advantages and disadvantages has contemporary art brought along to your work?

So far it only brought along advantages. The contemporary part aside, to be able to define the place technology holds in this project, to be able to use the function of an algorithm that was formed for other purposes, to be able to reach the viewer’s perception without becoming didactic, I believe are the most prominent advantages.

What is the role of the quantum bubble in your project? If it is assumed to have an effect on the formation of wormholes, how will this be relayed to both your work and the viewers? In other words, how will the viewer infer the concept of the parallel from this experiment?

We will be able to see the theoretical quantum bubble as a visual. We will see the passages. The viewer will be able to notice the concept of the parallel.