What kind of a relationship do you think there is, or should be, between humanity and sound waves?

I think diversity is important between the voices.

Could your briefly describe your work for “Waves” exhibition? How did you design this project?

Resonare is the idea of making the effect of everything that interacts with each other and the reflection of resonance through sound. I worked with Eftal Dirlik, Can Özbaşaran and Ezgi Küngtakan over dance – body – movement performances. Osman Koç supported us by creating a software with Kinect that transfer the movement of dancers to the computers. Musa Yılmaz designed the costumes. For the sound designs I worked with Max/Msp and used sinus sound wave that implies all the pitches of the sound as frequencies.

How do you conceptualize waves in your work?

In any given environment, sound waves spread as they advance. An example that we are all familiar with is a pebble thrown to a pond: the ripples the pebble creates grow as the distance from the center point increases. Another example would be the way in which a piece of stone will stay hanging in the air through resonance created by applying the right frequency from four sides. The energy we pick up from an individual we transfer to another. Even though this is a process

of natural components, when used with a purpose to affect the system, our behavior becomes controlled and subconscious as if we have been hypnotized. One can start building a tense environment from any point as it will spread wave by wave. Sales strategies of corporations, governments’ social perception managements… Without being able to predict the actual outcome of the resonances they aim for, the operations of their designs affect all of us. These are also called morphic resonance spaces, for even if we were to be mere bystanders and stay stable, the two or more frequencies affect our frequencies and influence them.

Do the dancers involved in your project have a pre-determined choreography?

In fact we can say that there’s only a choreography about the sound design. Eftal, Can and Ezgi creators of the choreography’s and the out coming resonance in the acoustic of the place are experimenting the sound created with the sinus waves.

What kind of an affect the dancers’ moves will have in terms of sound and visuals? For instance will there be a difference in sound and visuals if the dancer were to make robotic moves rather than limber motions?

I am using basic sinus waves for sound. There is an oscillator for each dancer and the camera system we’ve set up to capture the dancer’s movements will be changing their frequencies. To add an element of the organic sensor, I too will be altering the sinus waves of the performance. Alongside the three oscillator, together we will be listening to and watching the resonance that will be created in the acoustics of the space.

What kind of an experience would you say awaits the viewer? Did you have the objective to guide them towards a certain thought, feeling, awareness, or reaction? Or have you worked on this project without any intentions and will just see the outcome during and after the performance?  

Dance and improvised performances over electronic sounds are waiting’em.